2017 Harvest

Sunday, May 26, 2013


We just had a hailstorm. The hail lasted around 2 minutes (there was strong rain after) and it was the size of peas but I think we will still have some damage.

I went to see how the garden looks, there is some leaves torn but I can't really see the damage. It's too wet and dark outside to see everything that was hit.

It was falling under a strange angle so there are parts of the garden and yard that didn't get any and some that had a lot.

The same leaf that had water in the morning now has ice inside

I'm just glad it didn't last long, guess we'll see the real damage soon.


  1. I hope your plants will be all right.

    In Poland we had a hailstorm about 3 weeks ago. The hail was so big that people in the south of Poland had their roofs pitted! Fortunately, in central Poland where I live, the hail wasn't so devastating.

  2. We had one hailstorm like that about 10 years ago...there was hail the size of tennis balls with wind over 150km/h. There were whole roofs lifted and thrown on the street.

    This one was nothing compared to that. I haven't been to the garden today. Too scared to see the damage :/


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