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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

gathering herbs

As it's labour day today and nobody is working so I decided I will not work in the garden. But I though today would be a good day to gather some herbs that are growing now. So I took my basket, knife, scissors and went hunting.
I didn't have to go far cause in our orchard there is plenty of healing herbs I could gather.

I only pick the ones I am 100% positive I know what to do with them.

So first I gathered some Tetterwort ( Chelidonium majus)
We have whole field of them in our yard.

My dad brought it years ago cause I had virus warts on my hands and he heard that they could be cured with it. This herb has yellow juice inside and all I did was cut a few leaves and squeezed that juice on my hands and warts disappeared after 48 hours.
I haven't had them since then.

Tea is also very good so I gather young leaves and flowers and dry them.
Leaves can me dried in boxes (each separate) and as a bouquet. When drying them as a bouquet remove the flowers first or petals will fall off.

 When I finished with tetterwort I went to pick others.
There is a spot in the orchard where all sorts of herbs grow like crazy.

There I picked up some Comfrey, Dandelions

And Plantago

 I placed comfrey and plantago to dry the same way as I did with tetterwort

Drying dandelions is a bit different. Each leaf has to be separated cause they have a lot of juice inside and they will rot is they stay together.

 Also flower heads have to be separated and dried differently.
Usually herbs are dried in warm and dark place. Best places are an attic or in  garage. I dry my herbs in garage. It's metal so temperatures can be over 40°C and it's dark.

Dandelion heads need to dry very quickly. The reason is that they will turn in to seeds if left to dry for days. So I placed my dandelions in the sun to dry them today.

I also took some time to take photos of our tulips.

Maybe today I'll take a walk around the village to see if I can find some other herbs around.

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