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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flowers everywhere

It took a long time for our front yard to wake up. This weather is driving me mad. It seems more like we are in March and not May. Our red rose just started to bloom.

I really love this rose. It doesn't have a strong scent like all the other roses but it's really strange. Each rose looks different so it looks like we have many roses in one place but it's just one, also flowers come in colors from bloody red to purplish red.

They last really long and bloom from early spring(or this year late spring) till the end of the summer.

Our flower seedlings that we grew from seeds last year have survived and now they are blooming or getting ready to bloom.

Clary sage (salvia sclarea) has 3 big buds. I can't wait for them to open.

Digitalis has more and more flower heads

But the prettiest flower in my garden is my dumbo

He wasn't in the mood for taking photos. So all I got was an angry/ bored look and he continued chewing his bone.

Or maybe he could feel the bad weather approaching so he was depressed. It's raining again! If this continues I think I'll start reading books on how to grow rice ☺


  1. Foxgloves are beautiful! I love them! Mine will flower soon, I hope :)

  2. I'm a fan of foxgloves and hope to have some in flower in the next month or so.

  3. Your red rose is pretty, and your foxgloves are gorgeous! I can't decide if I like the purple or the white one better. They are both lovely. I am trying to grow a foxglove in my garden this year. It may be too hot for it here, but they are just so beautiful, I had to try!


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