2017 Harvest

Saturday, May 4, 2013

First harvest

Today I harvested our first lettuce and green onions. I needed space to plant new onions so I took out the ones that were growing over the winter and planted new ones.

Also I picked up some lettuce to give other lettuce seedlings some room to grow.

I also planted peppers..300 seedlings of peppers.
80 seedlings of sweet peppers
25 seedlings of Madonna pepper
80 seedlings of Amfora pepper
and 115 seedlings of Botinečka yellow

 I made 30 rows with 10 seedlings in every row. As we didn't have any decent rain in last 2 weeks I had to water the whole bed. 200 liters of water (40 buckets) went away like they were thrown in the fire. 

After all the planting I decided to make a manure tea for my seedlings. It should be ready in about 14 weeks, by that time I think I'll plant the rest of the tomatoes so I will water all of them at the same time.

                            Comfrey, Tetterwort and Nettle Manure Tea

Manure tea is used in organic gardening to fertilize garden plants. There are many recipes for it but basically all of them are the same.
Take a bucket of 20 liters (5.2gal) and place inside 1 kilo of herbs. You can make a tea only out of comfrey or only of nettle. I like to mix my plants cause I have them so I rather use them for something then just cutting them and throwing them away.

I made my tea in 2 buckets(I don't have a bucket that is big enough for everything). Added some comfrey, nettle and tetterwort(had a lot of if)

Add water inside and leave it for at least 14 days. While the herbs soak in water they will stink a lot so when it starts working( you'll see a foam on the water). Cover it up with something or if you don't mind the smell just place a gauze on top so insects don't fall inside the water.

Stir it once a day to get oxygen inside the water. When it's finished (when the foam disappears) it's ready for use. Use it in ratio 1:10. 1L of tea and 10 liters of water. Water the plants roots. If you use it to spray leaves then use it in  ratio 1:50.

Tea can be stored in a cold room and can be used for around 6 months.

DON'T use it on beans, peas, onions and garlic.

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