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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fire pit

I always wanted to build a fire pit. The reason is there is always something to burn around the house. Old branches, used planting pots, rotten planks...
Before we just had an old metal bucket but it's...well ugly.
So I decided to find a way to hide it.

There is a nice flat part of the yard where we usually burned things so I decided to make my pit on the same place. First I dag a big hole.

 Of course I didn't do it alone, Nero just had to help.

But soon he got bored and went to do what he does the best...sleep

I wanted to build a pit with siporex but since it was around for a very long time I couldn't saw it. Well I did try but in the end I just gave up.
(Yes I'm wearing crocs ☺ )

 So I changed my plan. I dag even a bigger hole and placed our old metal bucket inside. I placed some bricks under it and made holes in the bottom of the bucket( Yep I know how to use a drill) for the water(rain) draining. I covered the half of the bucket with soil and I decided I could make a round wall around it. I smashed siporex with a hammer, placed pieces around and covered them with soil.
Just when I wanted to paint the bucket it started raining so I had to leave it as it is for now.

I'll just have to paint it some other day. Also I'm thinking about covering siporex with moss, but I kind of like it the way it is.
My mum said the only thing missing is two big sticks and a cauldron in the middle ☺ maybe I'll place one ☺

I looked down the yard and saw that my clematis is blooming

While I was building my boyfriend was cooking. He does it really good so I decided I'll start sharing his recipes.
Today he made:
                                    Seafood the other way  

Ingredients: - Seafood( cooked) if you are using fresh ones and not supermarket seafood then you should cook it in garlic and spices you like one day before using them so they would lose that smell of the sea.
                  - coking creme
                  - one grated carrot
                  - garlic
                  - green onion(scallion)
                  - dried bacon, ham or prosciutto
                  - parsley leaves (or Lovage leaves)
                  - white wine
Cook some pasta. Doesn't matter what kind it is. Best are Tagliatelle( long flat ribbons, can be white or green)

On oil( olive or sunflower) fry some bacon, garlic and scallion

 add grated carrots

 add seafood and 1dl(half of a cup) of white wine and a cup of water.

After all the liquid has boiled down add some parsley or Lovage leaves and cooking creme. Cook for a few minutes.

Finish it with adding cooked pasta and stiring everything together

Serve it with salad( we used lettuce) and enjoy your meal!

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  1. I love hanging out around a fire pit on cool nights. The fall season is my favorite because the nights are just cold enough to appreciate the fire, but not too frigid; the smell that comes with fall is also a great experience.


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