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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crazy tomatoes

This year my tomatoes have really lost their minds(like their owner). It's the middle of May and today I had to prune and tie them the second time.

I love the fact that they are so big and strong but I didn't expect they will have so big suckers so soon.


Since we had a lot of rain they have started growing roots everywhere. At first I thought they were sick but now there are really roots growing all over the seedlings. They look so funny.

I haven't even planted all the tomato seedlings. There are still 100 seedlings waiting to be planted. Judging by the size of them I could easily plant them but I don't have enough poles for them. I have to wait for my dad to find some more wood poles.

 Also I should plant the rest of cucumbers Regal F1

and watermelons but I'm waiting for tomatoes. I don't want to drag around a bucket with 2 spoons of manure only for cucumbers when I'll need a full bucket for tomatoes.

At least I've finally planted all the annual flowers that I had. Today I planted Corncockle, Zinnias and Snapdragons

There are a lot of Nigellas in the garden so I took some home and planted them in front of the house. I'm starting to feel like a cat carrying her kittens around. Every time I go to the garden I find something I could plant somewhere else ☺

My Columbines are in full bloom now. I'm so proud of them..I have my own little jungle of pink, purple, black and brown flowers that's getting bigger every year. ☺

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