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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cloudy with showers...I don't think so

Yesterday our weather report for today was and I quote: "Over night and in the morning cloudy with little rain. Later partly sunny with possible showers."
Yeah right, I don't know where this weather was but certainly not here.
We had heavy rain whole night. And when I say whole night I mean it started raining at 1am and didn't stop till noon.
Again we had water running down the garden.

And it continued raining whole morning. I was soaking wet just for walking to the basement to feed our bunnies.

Our plants are also filled with water

Nero like every smart dog hates this kind of rain. He spent whole morning on the couch with a depressed look ☺

It stopped raining an hour ago but I hear thunder so I guess it will start raining again. So much for possible showers.


  1. Are these blue flowers in the 1st photo irises? They look beautiful! So many of them :)

    1. No,that's my columbine(Aquilegia) field :D

    2. They look great! I love the colour! :)


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