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Monday, May 13, 2013

Busy monday

It amazes me every time how perky weeds are after the rain. I have a feeling they grow while you are looking at them. The 2 beds that I've cleaned up and prepared for planting last week are now completely covered with weed. So before planting anything I had to clean them up again.

I've planted 4 rows of Trešnjevac bean.

Here in Croatia bean seeds are very expensive. A box of seeds (250gr / 9oz) costs around 3,5€ so we buy our seeds on market. There are many people that sell kidney beans for cooking that they grew in their own gardens so they know what kind of a bean it is.
Since we can't plant our beans on the net anymore( I can't place 3 nets it's just to difficult for me to dig 18 holes and carry 18 poles that weight half of my size) I planted bush beans this year.

Like I said we bought seeds in the market. We paid 1kilo(35 oz) only 2 ,5€.
The price in the store would be over 14€.

I also planted some wonder of Piedmont beans. As you can see it's a box of 250gr and they costed 27kn(3,6€)

On the net I planted Blue lake Fm1 pole beans

 and "Un metro ramp" long bean seedlings. I had very little beans of this kind so we planted them in cups first so that the bugs don't eat them ☺

I got home some lettuce and onions. It's the only edible thing in the garden for now.

In the end I got some Columbines  for the vase in the house. Usually I don't like to cut my flowers but they are so lovely I just had to get some.


  1. My columbines are close to blooming; they're such a pretty plant. Your purple and pink ones look lovely.

    1. Actually all of my columbines are from just one seedling :D Every year they surprise me with another color :)


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