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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a trip through the past

Today nothing goes as I want it to. I wanted to start deep dig the new flower bed but to do that I have to cut the grass. And I can't cause my scythe isn't sharp. I bended it on a tree stump a few days ago.
Then I thought ok I could paint the fence. Yeah right. My paint was to thick and I couldn't find the paint thinner. I only had the oil based one and I needed nitro thinner.
Then I thought I could make a fire pit I wanted to make. But noup couldn't do that, also I can't go and replant tomatoes cause I don't have enough poles.

So I went to sort out some old photos. Some time ago I decided to scan all the photos I have at home and make a digital album. Some of the photos are more than 100 years old and they are in a pretty bad shape so I wanted to store them before they become unseeable.

While I was sorting the photos I came upon some photos of the garden.
Some of them were very blurry so I fixed them up a bit and thought that it would be nice to make a post about them.

I don't know exact year of the photos, but I know this was the first photo. I think it would be 1988. My parents started building the house and gardening the same year I was born.

First few years we didn't have the full size of the garden. There was a meadow between the garden and the orchard but later we started using that part too.

Next 2 photos I found should be between 1990 - 1995.
I remember there was an electricity pole inside the orchard but it was removed when I was 7 or 8 years old.

 My mum had a lots of flowers inside the garden.

 I have no idea when this photo was taken. But it could be around 1998. The last camera film roll I have is from the year I had my confirmation.
Also we started using cucumber net about 15 years ago and I can see one on this photo.

About 8 years ago we started using pea net and beans net. I remember I took this photo with my first digital camera but I don't remember what was planted where.

Last years picture

This year is still starting so the garden looks a bit empty. And I have to say the shadows from the trees are driving me nuts.

I also found some photos of Fuchsia


and cactus

The last photo I found was a photo of the view form our balcony. 20 years ago it looked like this.

And today...well I can say there is no view any more.
The meadow next to us is abandoned and Black locust( Robinia pseudoacacia) has taken over. I hate it...it is an invasive tree that never dies, frost can't damage it( it waits till the middle of May to bloom) and I'm allergic to it's bloom.


  1. It's nice to see photos of the places we know, it's like going back to the past.
    The change in your garden is obviously visible, but the garden looks pretty both then and now :)

    1. Thank you. I love old photos. They remind me of a view I had. Now I'm in the middle of forest. I see only my garden and trees. :)


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