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Monday, April 8, 2013

waking up from hibernation

I feel like a bear that slept trough whole winter and finally woke up. Today is the first sunny and warm day since...oh I don't remember when we had the last one.

So today was a good day to get our seedlings out on the sun.
It's still too cold to leave them overnight so every warmer day we take them out and bring them back in the evening. We hope that in a few days morning temperatures will be high enough to leave them outside.

And yes that are straws between tomato seedlings.
There wasn't enough sun so they grew like crazy. We had to place a straw to hold them.

As we still can't keep all the seedlings outside, we don't have enough room for flowers and onions. So onions and lettuce are on the table for now.
We move this table around the house so they get some sun heat ☺

And we had to make a new cardboard greenhouse. We used an old Tv cardboard box and placed some plastic foil on top.

 It still has to be brought in when it rains but it's easier to bring just one box than all the little boxes with flowers.

Last year we bought a lot of flower bulbs and planted them so we would have flowers in early spring and in summer.
Well at least we though we would have them.

Grape hyacinth(Muscari) look a bit better than before so I hope they will bloom soon.

Tulips and Narcussus are here...somewhere

 Big Hyacinths are starting but really slow.

 Only thing that is already awake are Primroses (they should have been here in late February and not April)
Looks like even the bees are happy that there is some pollen to collect. There is buzzing around the house all morning.

 I hope tomorrow we will also have nice weather there is a lot of leaves in the orchard and a lot of work in the garden. Finally Spring is here.

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