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Monday, April 15, 2013

Sick week

Last week I was going on and on about how I'll go to my garden and plant and  things and guess what...I got sick on Wednesday. Not sick "I'll still plant around" really sick. So I spent my week moping around with high fever and complaining about not being able to work outside.

The only person that made me laugh almost every day was my little dumbass Nero.
It looks like he also woke up from the winter and he is full of ideas...Crazy ideas.
He started thinking that he is also a gardener so he plants stuff around( again).
Now he thinks that not only bones can grow but also cookies.

He decided to plant his cookies inside our hyacinth

When we discovered it he gave us insulted look, took it out and finished it ☺

He continued doing the same for 2 more days so my mom got angry and now our flowers have a new " decoration"

Yesterday I wanted to clean my closet. If I couldn't work outside I would do something useful inside. But mister grumpy got angry.

So I had to leave everything and take him for a walk. While he was busy eating grass ( sometimes I think I have a cow and not a dog).

I saw some pretty two-leaf squill that I had to take picture of.
This is the first time I managed to take a photo of this flower. Every year they come really early and I can't get in our wood. This year everything is blooming late and so are they.

Violas have also started blossoming.

While I was sick my mum was busy. So she replanted our yellow and red balcony tomatoes.

And planted some beans (Un metro rampa) and Cucumbers (Regal F1)

Again I had nothing to do so I was walking around taking photos of flowers

Remember the rose I bought my mum for woman's day?

Well it died.
Or almost died. It turns out there were 3 roses inside a pot. One of them died and two are alive for now. We replanted them, cut down everything and now they are growing slowly.

I don't know what is going on with flowers but I can hear more and more people complaining that flowers that are perennials don't make it till the next year. Some people say that floral industry fills them with stuff so they would grow faster and when you take it home and don't have the same environment they die.
I've also noticed our plants that should be perennials die the same year we buy them.
So we are not taking any chances anymore. This year we started buying seeds instead of seedlings.

They are cheaper (bag of seeds is around 1€ online and seedlings are around 10€)  , we will know they are natural and if the seeds germinate we will have plants for more then one year.

I was finally feeling better today so I got my pretty new green gloves and went to the garden.  Oh I almost cried when I saw how the soil looked.
It took me more than 4 hours just to make some paths and prepare 3 vegetable beds for tomorrow.

I have never seen soil in this shape. Whole garden sunk down about a meter. I guess it's because we had almost 2 meters of snow in the garden constantly for almost 6 months.
All the deep digging that I did in the fall was for nothing. Everything is like a concrete.
I can't even describe it. I tried to take a photo but don't know how to take it to show what really happened.

This is our flower bed. A small part of the garden where we have some old roses and lavender. We never deep dig it. We leave it as it is. When I finished in autumn flower bed was lower than other soil for about 30cm.
And now it's higher then all the other soil
Rose roots are almost outside.
I have no idea how I'll prepare the rest. I feel like an elephant danced on my body.

Oh and my pretty green gloves. Well guess I'll never buy them again :/

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