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Thursday, April 18, 2013

repotting tomato seedlings

Last few days part of our tomato seedlings started turning yellow. The ones that were in milk boxes were fine but the ones that were in plastic boxes  were losing color. So I've decided to replant them in bigger pots.
As we have a lot of seedlings this year, we don't have enough milk boxes for everything so we used plastic cheese cups. They are big enough to hold 2 seedlings till middle of May when we will plant them outside.

There was definitively too little room for them in old pots. And as our seedlings got really big this year there was no way they would survive whole month in old pots.

Now they are in fresh pots, with fresh soil, and fresh straws.

The only problem is that now they take more room and we don't have anywhere to place all of them. So now "seedlings for the village" are outside our "coffin" and this took their place.

I guess every gardener deals with "seedlings for the village". This phenomenon amazes me every year. When we plant our seedlings neighbors come and ask for some..."oh but only 10 or 15" or " you have them anyway" "we don't need much just for salads" right only for salads and they have a family of 9 people.
And every year they except that we will give them seedlings for free. I don't mind giving my seedling or seeds but this just annoys me. I have to buy seeds,and some of the seeds are very expensive cause you can't get them in our stores, spend 3 months caring for them and then give them to people that are to lazy to grow their own.
So since last year we changed the routine. We plant seeds on number. Every pole we have gets 2 seedlings and that's it.
And we collect seeds from previous years that we don't want to use anymore, plant them and if somebody wants them, feel free to take them.

While I was repotting today Nero was watching me and trying to dig in the soil. When he saw that I was not paying attention to him he went to the hallway to protest. ☺

 When I finished with the tomatoes my OCD kicked in and I decided that our grape hyacinth look really ugly. I know flowers are never ugly but tell that to my brain.
Anyway I found a different pot, and got all the bulbs out.

My mind thought that it would be nice when they would be all in a circle with 3 of them in the middle.

And when I repotted them too I just had to trim their leaves. So now I'm waiting for my now PRETTY grape hyacinths with pretty little leaves to bloom.

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