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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pruning raspberries

I've had so much planed for today.
I needed to prune raspberries, tend my lilac tree, plant onions, carrots, parsley, parsnip, lots of lettuce and peas.
So I packed my little basket and headed to the garden.

Or I thought I packed it, I had to get back to get my garden shears, camera, mp4( no gardening without Blackmore's night ), and little green wires. When I got to the garden. I heard my mum shouting after me that I forgot onion bulbs.

First I decided to trim my lilac tree a bit, there was a lot of small branches that were getting in the way of the path so I had to cut them. I felt bad
for cutting such nice little branches so I collected them and got them home. I still have to decide what to do with them.

Then it was the time to prune my raspberries.
Most of the people I know grow them as a bush and cut them in Autumn all the way. They get their raspberry fruits in late Summer. I grow my raspberries on a fence (easier to tend them) and cut them in early spring. This way we have fruits from June till August.

My pruning time depends on the weather, last year I did it earlier and this year I did it today. The reason is I wait for the branches to get small leaves to see which branches are good and which are old.

 Of course you could do it before they get leaves, but I'm more secure that I'm cutting the right branches.

They look like a jungle before pruning, but I find this way easier and more effective.

Pruning is really simple. Just cut the old branches off, leave the live ones and cut them to the size you want.

Old branches are easy to notice, they are dry, and they break really easy. Most of the times they will break before you even cut it.

Every branch you cut inside has a vascular cambium and a heart part.Vascular part is the part of branch that helps branches to grow. It is the circle inside the bark.When the plant is alive it looks like a green ring around the heart of the branch.

When the branch is dead this part is dry and usually light brown. If you are not sure if the branch is alive cut at the top of the branch and if it is green leave it, if it looks like this then cut it.

This can be applied for pruning blackberries also.
If you have a fence then push all the live branches inside the fence(if you have 2 wires that hold the branches like I have) , or just tie them to your wire. Live branches are very flexible. You can bend them the way you want them to go. Just bend them at the lowest part you can, they are strongest at the root so if you have to push them through the wires bend the whole branch to the ground first and then push it through the wire.

 When you finish with selecting your branches you can cut them in the size you want them to be. I always cut them the same size as the metal pole so they fill the fence and don't get in the way while we work in the garden.

After I finished with raspberries I  went to plant the peas, carrots and onions.
I still can't believe how bad the soil is. Everything I dug yesterday is a big pile of concrete lumps.
I had to pull like maniac just to make rows for my peas, still have no idea how they will grow in this kind of soil.
I planted 2 rows of American wonder peas and 2 rows of Progress 9 peas.

Covering them was also a problem cause you can't cover small peas with big lumps of dirt. So I had to tear each lump with my hands to cover them.

I had the same problem with the carrots, onions, parsley and parsnip.
Soil was too hard so I did rows that looked like a kid played with it.I planted them in the way 1 row of carrots - 1 row of onions. This way we use more space in the garden, we will collect onions before carrots get big so they will have enough room for growing and I don't need a separate bed just for onions.

I planted 2 bags of Gigante rosa carrots, 2 bags of Berliner parsley and 2 rows  of Long white parsnip. Also I planted half of bag of Ptuj red onion bulbs..

The other half of onions I planed to plant with lettuce but I was so tired I had to leave this for tomorrow. I still don't feel good from the last week, my strength is sleeping somewhere, so I just had no more left for digging and planting the whole bed of lettuce.

While I was going to the house I saw that there is a lot of Pulmonarias(lungwort)

 They are a great as a tea to help with lung problems (asthma and coughs) so I picked up some to dry them.

 When I got back from the garden my mum told me there was some mail for me. I got my planet saver wristband from Goodnet.org

 I was so happy. Finally something nice after a hard day. Also she told me that from now we have to wait for the mailman.
We have a bird nest in our mailbox. Crazy birdies filled it with twigs and moss in just one day. Guess we'll have little birdies soon ♥

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  1. Love it! That's definitely a sheltered spot for a nest!


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