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Friday, April 19, 2013

Planting potatoes

Yesterday I decided that it's time to plant the potatoes so I got up at 7:00am and went to the garden. I thought this way I would finish before 11:00 and wouldn't be outside when starts to get hot. I thought I could just make rows and plant potatoes and dig later. Big mistake...the soil was so hard that I had to dig the whole bed first. It took me 4 hours, 3 new blisters on my hands and  one broken hoe. Yes soil was so bad I broke my big hoe so I had to use the little one. It's like cutting grass with nail clippers.

After all the digging I had to bring some manure. 12 buckets of manure, I think my arms are now 10cm longer then they were before ☺

I've planted Marabel potatoes

Covering the potatoes was a trouble again. Soil is in lumps so when I covered one end the other one rolled down.

 When I was done I took a walk in the orchard. Trees are finally starting to blossom.

Wild strawberries are also waking up...soon there will be a lot of little red ones.

 Comfrey is almost ready. I'll have to come one day and gather some up.

At the end I got back to the house at 3:00pm. Eight hours just to plant the potatoes. So much for my staying out of the sun. Of course I have a headache now. Guess I'll never learn ☺

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