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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Planting around

After a well deserved break from gardening today I had to plant the tomatoes. They couldn't stay in their boxes anymore. They were getting bigger every day.

 So I did what I do every year...dag holes, placed some manure inside and planted tomato seedlings. In the end I had to tie them up...I never had to do that before...guess this year our seedlings are a bit out of control.

I've planted "Brain" tomato on the other side of the garden, the same place where we will have our cherry tomatoes when they get bigger. The reason is this tomato grows over 2m and needs a tall pole.

When I finished with tomatoes I've planted cucumbers. This year we will plant  Kinai Kigyo and Regal F1, but we decided that we will plant some earlier to get seedlings and the rest of them directly in the garden. The reason is bugs eat our seeds so this way there is a less chance of loosing our seeds.

I've planted seedlings of Kinai today and the rest of the seeds.

Regal F1 I will plant when seedling get a little bit bigger.

 I was surprised to see that even in this kind of soil our garden is growing. I was worried that the soil would be too hard for plants to get out but everything that I planted is coming out.



This could be carrots...or parsley...or parsnip, I have no idea what this is. I don't remember what I planted on top of the bed and what on the bottom. I'll have to wait for it to get bigger leaves to see ☺

Even the lettuce and onions we've planted in the fall are finally getting big

I thought I would have problems with planting today, but I didn't. I spent the whole time sitting so my leg didn't hurt..the biggest problem I had was when it was all over. As I'm a person that would rather die from carrying too much stuff than return twice for them I spent 5 minutes thinking how to get everything to the house at just one trip. Well it didn't work...I had to go twice ☺

After I finished I got out "my powerful tool" and decided to cut some grass around the house.

The reason I use sickle and not a string trimmer is:
A) I can't lift that nasty big thing
B) I like my grass to look a bit wild
This way I can save the plants such as daisies and forget-me-not and cut only grass I don't want.
All the grass that was cut I gathered on a blanket and left on the sun to dry. I will mulch my tomatoes with it.

As everything is growing like wild so are my balcony tomatoes and peppers.
There will be no flowers on my balcony this year, only tasty tomatoes and hot peppers ☺

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