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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

holes and crooked poles

Today I wanted to place wooden poles for cucumbers and bean net. Every year my dad and I did it together but this year Miss " I can do everything without any help" decided to do it alone.
So I went to the garden to dig some holes first. I actually loved the hole digging. We have some kind of drill thingy and it went without any problems. I just had to stick it in the ground and turn(even I know how to do that).

After a few minutes I had finished my first hole.

I continued doing the same with other 11 holes.

 When I looked up I saw I had an audience. Little black head was looking at me watching my every move.

After all the holes were done I got my poles down in the garden. Instead of carrying them I just threw then in the garden. Almost all of them finished in the right spot ☺

I was all enthusiastic cause I managed to place first two big poles without any problems and after tying a rope to know where to place the others, in less than an hour all 6 were in the ground.

 And then the "fun" begun. The smaller ones that I thought would be easier to place were a nightmare. Every single one of them was crooked. And not a little, all of them looked like a big letter S. I turned them on one side they didn't fit, I turned them the other way again nothing. I placed them in the ground and they look like they are drunk.

I was so angry I went to dig one of the tomato beds without any need for it. I have no idea how I'll place a net on them. I hope I'll manage it...somehow.

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