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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finally done

I've finished with all the work that should have been done in March.
There was some work left from yesterday and now I can say I'm less nervous.
This morning I had other things to do so I got in the garden around noon. It's really hot today (24°C / 75F ) so the work was even harder. Somehow I've finished all the paths in the garden, prepared bed for the rest of the onions, lettuce and garlic. I totally forgot about garlic yesterday so it was a good thing I didn't finish everything or I would be without a place for it.

 Between onions and garlic I've planted Grunetta, Great Lakes, Posavka, Lollo rosso, Roman and Zagreb summer lettuce.

 So now I'm done with planting for now. I only need to find a place for some cabbages. But I have no idea where to put it. I already have planed whole garden. I've made a plan in Paint just to know where everything goes.

I think I'll plant cabbages under the peas. I left some room on the end of the beds cause the soil was falling off and I couldn't make a row. But if there will be some rain next week this could be a good place for it.

This year We've planned a new project. We have some land outside the garden. It usually was used for cutting grass for rabbits. But they no longer want to eat it and it's to big to have it without anything.
So I planned to make a wooden fence around it and plant flowers there. I will make something like English garden with tall Perennials and shrubs in the back and annual flowers and in the front. Between I'll just let the grass grow so I don't have to trim it all the time. If I manage to make it the way I want it this should be my little flower jungle.

I also thought about doing this cause there is no more room in front of the house for planting. We already have everything full with flowers.
Speaking of front yard our giant hyacinth are blooming.

White ones haven't opened like I wanted them but they are still pretty.

Now that all the garden work for today is done I can go and rest a bit. But knowing myself I'll probably spent the whole afternoon planing what else I should do ☺

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