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Monday, April 22, 2013

Crazy greenhouse

This year our greenhouse seedlings are growing like crazy. It's middle of April and they are already the size they should be in middle of May.
So now our "coffin" is too short and seedlings are already as tall as the greenhouse is.
I still can't replant them outside cause:
 A) it's too soon, we could still have morning frost
and B) I still haven't placed wood poles for tomatoes

Guess I'll have to place them soon cause tomato seedlings are already around 30cm(11in)

Peppers are also very big but it's also too soon to plant them outside.

Amfora pepper

Tomato pepper
Madonna F1

Chilly peppers are staying in front of the house so they are already in big pots.

The part of the seedlings we left for growing outside(100 seedlings) are growing fine and we placed them on the front yard to have more sun.

Columbines (Aquilegia) are out. Soon they will cover part of the yard.

 Grape hyacinth

In front of the house we have a big wild cherry tree that is at fool bloom right now. It looks very pretty, the only problem with it is when flower petals start falling. Whole yard looks like it's snowing.

After few days of rest I guess tomorrow I'll be rolling around the garden again ☺

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