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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Catching up on lost time

Today I can really say that I have done everything that had to be done in March. I've placed 40 poles for 80 tomato seedlings that will need to go in the garden soon. The rest of poles I'll place in May cause other seedlings are still small.

Length of the tomato bed is 12 meters(39ft) so I wanted to place on it 18 poles on each side.

Of course I did it a bit wrong so in the end I placed 20 poles on each side and there was 2 meters of bed empty.
Well it was empty for about 10 minutes. As soon as I noticed it I ran for my little basket and planted cabbages ☺

At least I have one thing less to worry about.

When poles were done I decided to dig the bed for the beets and stem kale.

 I can say that I have planted everything for now. I just have to plant beans, and tomato and pepper seedlings, oh and cucumbers, watermelons( still don't know where I will place them) and pumpkins. Right..almost done with planting.

Once I got out from the garden I noticed there is something strange in my coffin. 

 Tomatoes were gone. I saw that now little tomato seedlings are inside the coffin and big ones are on the table in front of the house.

My mum decided to move them cause little birds are eating small seedlings. From everything they can eat they gobble my tomato seedlings.
At least they don't eat my flowers.
First tulip is here.


 I think I'll take a day or two of rest. My left leg is killing me so I guess it's time to stop with the digging for now. We'll see how that will work.

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