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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

winter is not giving up

It's the end of the March and it looks like it's around Christmas.
Last year we had this

And this year...

I can't even take a photo of our trees cause there is no way I could get in the garden.

It started snowing (again) on Saturday evening and it's still snowing.
I don't even know how much snow there is, and I don't want to know. I spent whole morning shoveling.

Since we have a long fence with 2 entrances I have to clean both entrances. I've spent 3 hours doing it.

 In the end I was so tired that I just made a small snow wall with the rest of the snow. If someone asks it's meant to be here. Nobody needs to know I can't lift my arms to finish cleaning ☺

 Even our seedlings are suffering from this weather. We had 4 sunny days whole month and there is not enough light. Our seedlings are getting leggy and they are still very thin. They are turning to the light and every day we turn the boxes to other side so they grow straight but by the end of the day they are turned to the window again.

We just hope there will be more sun in the April.

You can see how they are all thin and tall.
Upper row is Botinečka žuta, and second row is Amfora, Chilly peppers and Red basket of Fire

Tomatoes also look like they are drunk ☺
First row are Balcony tomato(red),Glacier and Stupice tomato(blue tray)
Second row are Balcony tomato(yellow) and 2 trays of Oregon spring tomato

And in paper pots we have: First row - Black krim
                                       Second row - Costoluto
                                       Third row - Sultan
                               and Brainy tomato (Reisetomate)

 We also have some new seeds that are still in on heater till they start growing (Saint Pierre and Marmande)

I just hope we'll have some warm weather to start digging around ☺

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