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Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunny day :)

Today I decided to use this beautiful sunny morning and do a bit of planting.
Guess I'll never learn that even if it is sunny outside that doesn't mean it's also hot. So after running out and back in to get my jacket and cap I got my seeds out and started planting.

Got the second part of tomatoes and planted:Campbell 1327
                                                                Rio grande
                                                                Viva Italia
                                                                Giant Belgium
                                                                Don Juan
                                                                Mix of giant tomatoes
                                                                Sun gold (mini tomato)
                                                                Yellow pear tomato
                                                                Saint Pierre
                                                                Cherry tomato
                                                         and  Oxheart

In 2 old gutters I've planted lettuce. This year I've taped the ends with scotch tape so that the soil doesn't fall out before it's time.

I've planted Roman lettuce, and some kind of lettuce that doesn't make heads . You just chop it off with knife and it continues to grow. I don't know the name cause Nero ate seed bag before I could read it ☺ I was left with just a little white bag that contains seeds ☺

This year we also got some onion seeds. I've never planted onions from seeds. We always had onions bulbs for planting. Like this onions that are growing now. We planted little bulbs in early winter and we will have green onions for Easter.

So after looking at the onion seeds(Kolos onion) like they are form another planet. I planted  around 100 of them. I'll see how much of them will grow and separate the seedlings later.

When I finished with plating I got my "coffin" out for the ride again. ☺

This year we'll try something different. There is no room in the house for all of our future seedlings so after googling we've decided to leave half of the tomatoes outside. People say that in the end seedlings from the house and outside look the same. So we wrapped them in plastic bags and left them outside. We'll see how it will go with this kind of planting.

Now that the snow is finally disappearing I can see the damage he left. I've planted Grape hyacints in October( like it said on the box) But We had 14 days of really hot weather and they started growing too soon. After that came the snow and now they look really poor. I have no idea what to do with them. I'm thinking about cutting them, maybe they'll grow from there. Or just leaving them, maybe they'll fix themselves. Anyways I think I won't see any flowers this year.

Speaking of flowers this year my little reed palms have flowers. Little yellow balls. They remind me of silver wattle but they are firm.

And Christmas cactus is blossoming now. Not on Christmas but 3 months later. Guess he does it when he wants. Last time he was blossoming in July ☺

Guess I can say spring is coming slowly to our garden.
Even my mountain is slowly disappearing...and I can't say I'm sad about it
I really hate winter!

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