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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring where are you?

Last few days we had 2 days of snow, 2 days of rain and today a first sunny day.
This is starting to get really annoying, there is so much water in the soil it will never be ready for planting. And this week isn't looking better. I'm really starting to wonder...where the hell did the spring go?

Only good thing is that house seedlings are doing good, they are growing and getting new leaves

Again we have a window full of seedlings.

And as there isn't much to do because of all the rain I fixed up my old seed suitcase. But like always something had to go wrong and my camera started acting up and taking blurry photos :/

I decided to repaint the suitcase cause it's an old cardboard one and bits of it were now without color and ugly.
I painted it white.

But it was looking too white for me so I decided to decorate it just a bit.
I took a painted paper napkin and decided to do my version of decoupage.
Since I had no decoupage glue at home and also there is no way I'm paying 5€ for a little bottle of it I made my own glue.

There are many ways to make a glue. You can just take a wood glue and add some water in it, or you can cook some water and flour. Or like I did just mix flour and water without cooking. It will glue it together but the rest of the glue can't stay in the bottle and you have to trow it after you are done.

 So I did my decoupage garden napkin and then added some green paint to kill the white and done.

It will be good for some time...till I find a better place for storing bean seeds ☺

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