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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reisetomate tomato

                               Reisetomate tomato
            (Traveler tomato, voyage tomato, rajčica "mozak")

Reisetomate is a heirloom tomato originally from Central America. This tomato got it's name "Reisetomate" (German for travel tomato) from the people in Central America that took this tomato on journey. They didn't need a knife to eat it so it was very popular.
(I still don't have a photo of my tomato so I borrowed one from www.Plantamundo.com I'll upload mine as soon as I'll have one)

This tomato has very weird shape. First time I heard about it here in Croatia they called it "rajčica mozak" (brain tomato) cause it looks...well it looks like brain ☺
 This tomato is indeterminate. It usually grows over 180cm (70in) and needs a big pole for growing.

Seeds look like all tomato seeds and they need 5-8 days to germinate.
I've planted my seeds on March 1st and today they have first 2 little leaves (6 days)

Planting is also like in every other tomato. I usually use substrate for planting seeds (Klassmann substrate) but they can be planted in soil mixed with manure, or in pot mix. Tomatoes like well draining and humus rich soil.
Tomatoes need water but not too moist or you'll have a soil covered with mold  ☺

Plant needs 80-90 days till it gives first red fruits.
Flavor is very strong, a bit sour it has a lot of meat and it's great for salads.

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