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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reed palm

                                         Reed palm
                                     (Bamboo palm)

One of my favorite indoor plants is a Reed palm. Few years ago my mother got 6 little palm seedlings from her sister. We thought that like all plants few of them will die shortly after transplant but all of them survived and they are getting bigger and bigger.
Now we have a little jungle in the house.

Reed palms are great for improving air quality in the house, some people say that if you place them around furniture they can be off-gassing formaldehyde.

Palms like shady indoors  and moist water. You can water them directly in the pot or sprinkle water offer the leaves but do not leave water in the drip pan cause it can damage the roots.

They like granular fertilizers so you can use them like it says on the box.
Repot palms when they fill the present pot. Soil in the pot should be rich soil for indoor plants.

Palms need pruning so when you see that your leaves turned brown just cut them with a pair of scissors. As you can see I leave whole palm leaf to turn brown, but if you want you can cut every small brown leaf off.

Pests tend to like this plant, mites especially when they infect it just wash leaves with soapy solution.

After some time palms will make small green balls that in the end turn yellow. Those are flowers. They look very decorative on this green plant.

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