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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Red basket of fire

                                   Red basket of fire F1

Red basket of fire is a very decorative, UK breed pepper filled with yellow, orange, red and purple little peppers. But don't let the looks fool you. It's a strong pepper.

One pepper can have from 60 000 - 80 000shu (schoville heat rating)
It grows up to 30cm(12in) and spreads up to 60cm(24in). It's a perfect pepper for balcony pots.

Seeds are small and very yellow.
Plant the seeds between January and April. Seeds need 5-7 to germinate.Like every pepper it likes well-drained soil and air temperature from 15-21°C (60-70F).

Peppers grow till August when they are ready for collecting till first frost.
This pepper can also be grown over winter if you have a sunny and warm place for it.

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