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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Organizing seeds

Today was supposed to be a day for planting flowers. So we prepared potting soil, water, pots and went to look for seeds.
But seeds weren't there...well they were but they were lost between packages of other seeds. Some like Sapiglosis broke their bags and run all over the box.
So I decided to put a stop on this party my seeds were having and organize them again.
I do my organizing twice a year. Once at the beginning of gardening season and once after. But with the time amount of flower and vegetable seeds doubled and now there is no room for everything.
We even got an old suitcase for storing seeds. When I say old suitcase I mean 40 years old suitcase that needs to be fixed but that will have to be another day and another post ☺

So I went treasure hunting all over the house to see what I can use for my seeds.
I found some notebook covers, 2 binders, old photo album and some plastic paper covers.

I decided to make seed holders out of plastic paper covers. I wanted to make them look like plastic business card holders ( I could just go to the store and buy some but I wanted to finish this today)

After 2 hours of cutting, taping and filling my seed organizers were done.
The bigger binder is now filled with vegetable seeds.

I made bigger holders for big packages of seeds and small for small ones.

 Smaller binder was turned in flower seed organizer. So now my seeds won't get all crazy and fall out of the box.

 Of course I couldn't get all of the seeds in my organizers. Bean seeds are staying in the suitcase. I'll just have to fix it.

I forgot to say we did plant the flowers.
We have many styrofoam leftovers at home ( we had to buy a new washing machine and got her wrapped in styrofoam) so we used it to plant flowers.
In the bigger one we've planted: China aster
                                            and Tagetes

And in the smaller one we've planted: Ageratum
                                            and in the smallest pot Basil

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