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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mysterious potted rose

Yesterday was women's day so I decided to buy my mom a flower. I wanted to buy her Silver wattle but I couldn't find them in any flower shop.
After a long time of searching I was left with little time and nothing to give, until I saw little pots with pretty red roses inside and decided to buy one.

Mum loved it. But I didn't realize till I got home that I have no idea what sort of rose I bought.
Rose was in pretty wrap but there is very little written on it.

All it says is and I quote: "Masion olij rosier du monde" on front side

And "For house and garden. Sunny area, temperature 17-23°C, water regularly,  feed regularly. Not suitable for consumption."

 So I was a bit curious. How big does it get, where do I replant it. Obviously I can't leave it in the small brown pot (roots are already out), how long will it bloom, what with it over the winter.
So I spent 2 hours today searching to find any information about it.
All I could find is that this is a Netherlands rose and by the photo I've seen on the page it could be "Red sensation"
I really don't get it...is it really that hard to write something more about the rose when selling it. All we get are directions that every person with 2 or more plants in their home knows. Sometimes I really feel that the world is treating us like idiots.  Anyway rose will stay indoors for now. And when the summer comes we'll see ☺ 


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