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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Black krim tomato

                                  Black krim tomato
                            (Black crimson, black crim)

Black krim is heirloom tomato from Isle of Krim on the Black sea.
It's an indeterminate tomato that usually grows form 1,2m -1,8m (4-6ft).

Planting indoors should start 5-7 weeks before last frost.Seeds need 6 - 10 days to germinate on temperature of 21-30°C (70-90F).

After they finish germination lover the temperature to 18°C(65F). Leave them outside one week before transplanting them to the garden.
Tomatoes love full sun and need spacing between 60-90cm(24-36 in)

Like all tomatoes you can mulch them and prune them if you want to. After 75 days every tomato plant will give lots of rich flavored, large purple black tomatoes.

Black krim tomato is an excellent tomato for cooking, or salads. It is a meaty tomato and has very thin skin. Honestly I don't like eating it fresh( I like firm   tomatoes) but for cooking it's great.

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