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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Balcony yellow tomato

                                    Balcony yellow F1
                                 (balkonska žuta)

Balcony yellow F1 is a hybrid seed from Semenarna Ljubljana.
It's a little bush tomato with little yellow fruits. This plant can give up to 100 little tomatoes in one bush.

Seeds look like every tomato seeds, they need 8-10 days to germinate.
Best time to plant them is in March or April in damp, well draining soil. Seeds will need temperature of 15-20°C (60-70F)

 When you transplant seedlings make sure they have 50cm(20in) of space between them, or just plant every seedling in it's own pot.
Seedlings can be placed outside on a very sunny place in May after the last frost.

I've had my plants on the sunny side and in the shade and they both grew without any problems.
Like I said before every plant has a lot of fruits. Sometimes it can look like seedlings will break but don't worry they are really strong and can handle the amount of tomatoes.

 Whole plant will grow up to 40cm(15in) as you can see...I have a bigger pot than the plant ☺

Fruits come very early. On the bag it said that they come from June till September. I can say that they were around in late May. They were the first tomatoes we had, also we had them till December. Yes tomatoes were smaller then summer ones but tasted the same and there were many of them.

Tomatoes have from 10-15gr, they are very sweet and tasty. They are very decorative, great for salads, with a dash or salt, or without anything. They are very resistant(they didn't get any disease) If you water them every day they don't have drought problems(spots ad stuff), and I have to say that this is one of my favorite tomatoes.

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