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Friday, March 1, 2013

Back again...

After a long break from writing this blog I'm back.
Last few months I had many family problems and little time so I had to stop writing. But that doesn't mean we've stopped planting and tending our garden.
Well actually we weren't able to get inside it for the last 4 months. Snow this year is unbelievable. It started snowing in November and it stopped last week.
Amount of snow was also the highest in the last 10-15 years. The weather guys say that we had around 5 meters of snow only in the February. There was a lot of shoveling,  sour bones and as it seems I got myself a back problem. So now when there will be the most work around the garden I go around limping and walking around looking like a big question mark.
There wasn't a single week in this last months that we didn't have at least 3 days of heavy snow.
We also have built a little mountain in front of the house.

 No, I didn't lose my mind, it was just that we didn't have any more room for all the snow so we made a mountain in the center of the front yard so we could move around the house.

Most of the days first thing we saw when we woke up was this.

The only person that loved this snow was...can you guess..Nero ☺
Every single day he was running around like a little madman playing and goofing around.

He was out all the time...turning into a little snowman.

 And everyday ended the same way..me jelling at him to get inside and after getting him in he spent whole night like this

Today is the first day after months we see the sun. We should already be starting with garden work but there is no way for it and judging by the amount of snow that is still inside I think we wont be able to enter the garden for the next 14 days if not longer.

Still we've started planting. Yesterday I've planted peppers. 6 varieties of them: Botinečka yellow (tomato pepper)
         Amfora( red pepper)
         Madonna pepper (yellow pepper)
         Chilly chili
        and Red basket of fire

And today I've planted half of our tomatoes for this year
9 varieties ofthem:   Sultan F1
                             Black krim
                             Reisetomate "brain" tomato
                             Oregon spring
                             Yellow balcony tomato
                       and Czech stupice

This year we plan to plant around 200 seedlings of tomato. Other half of them we will plant later.
We hope this year it will be enough for eating it fresh, making paste, salsa and other products.
With poor last year and lower amount of tomatoes(some got ill and some didn't have time to turn red) we were a little short on tomato products over the winter.
Lets hope this year will be better for gardening and we'll have a lot of pretty red and yellow tomatoes.

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