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Thursday, August 2, 2012

weeds weeds and more weeds

Yesterday was the first day after a week I managed to get in the garden. There was a lot of rain last week so now plants are growing like crazy..but that's not all that grows...Weeds grow everywhere.

I wouldn't mind normal weeds but this year we have some crazy weird grass growing all around the garden

the worst part is that this grass has roots that go all the way to China. I can't get them out with hands. So there is nothing to do but to dig them out. It took me 4 hours just to clean all the paths in the garden. I didn't even touch the ones between plants. I was to afraid that I would pull out plants together with the grass.

In the end the only good thing was I had a bunch of grass for the bunnies :)

While I was digging I realized something. Scientists are talking about how ladybugs are disappearing from "don't know what's it's name island" they aren't disappearing. They just moved in my garden. It's unbelievable how many ladybugs we have this year

They even walk on me while doing woohoo :) ( yes I know to much Sims is damaging my brain )

After the rain I was finally able to get some potatoes from the last 2 rows. The soil there was like concrete till now so I went to get it before it turns to concrete again.

I've got a basket of nice big potatoes..I don't know how many there are I was too tired to weight them

Also I got a few of the smaller ones

And one that has a funny shape

While I was in the garden I also decided to get out all the parsnip


 2 Watermelons

And as always tomatoes and cucumbers

There is still a lot of work in the garden but it was getting too hot to do it ..33°C (91F) at 12:00

All the time I was in the garden I had my little helper with me...watching my every move

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