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Thursday, August 16, 2012

plum jam

Past few days were busy. It was the time to harvest plums. We have only 2 plum trees but we got around 30 kilos (1058 oz.) of plums from them. First 10 kilos we used for cakes and eating and other 20 for jam.
As we don't have a bowl big enough to cook all of them first we did only half 

The recipe for this plum jam is really simple
5 Kilos (176 oz) of plums 
1 kilo (35 oz.) of sugar
and then cook cook cook :)

Before you cook them clean all plums and remove the bad ones that have little worms in them 

Like I said before we have 2 different plum trees so We've cleaned them and cook them separately

There are 2 ways to cook plum jam. The usual one where you place them in a bowl and cook them

And the other way where you place them in the oven for cooking. If you hate the mess from cooking (plums can make a lot of mess) and don't mind scrubbing the baking pan, cooking in the oven is a good way to do it.

Both ways are the same. Cook them for 2 or 3 hours ( depends of the size of the plums)

When they are nearly done you can mix them to get rid of the big fruit parts (we don't do that)

If you are cooking in the bowl just add sugar and if you are cooking in the baking pan place the jam in the bowl and then add sugar. You can add sugar to the baking pan but it can be really hard to wash it later and it will be more difficult to fill the jars.
Cook the jam till you think it's enough. You can also add 1 bag of dry pectin if you want but if the plums are good there is no need for it.

Wash the jars and sterilize them 30 minutes on 100°C (212F)

Fill the hot jars with hot jam 

When you filled and closed the jars place them in the oven and leave them inside for 30 minutes (100°C). This way plum jam will be good for at least 2 years ( if you don't eat it before)

I wanted to take a nice photo of the jam when it's done but Nero decided he should be in every photo I take so here it is plum jam and Nero ☺

Even he thinks it smells good when it's done ☺

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