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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

garden in august

This summer we had too much heat and it's starting to show all around the garden. Everything is giving less fruits.

Only thing that was really good were potatoes. I've got out the last 4 rows and placed them in our basement.

Also I picked beans. This year there are only a few of them.

I've picked 2 rows of them and got 1 kilo of clean beans.

The ones we placed on the net gave us, well nothing.

We have 2 nets of beans and on one of them beans have just started and by now we should have picked at least 5 kilos.

On the other one there is nothing. Only leaves.

There is only one thing that looks good now. Peppers

Yes, those little peppers that looked awful before are now big and strong.

I guess mulching and watering helped.

In the front yard things are as bad as in the garden.
Grass doesn't exist. Everything is dry.

We have a lot of flower seedlings for next year and we can't plant them

There is no way to plant them in this concrete. Guess we will have to beg for the rain to do something inside the garden.

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