2017 Harvest

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rain :)

Finally we have some rainy days. It started a few days ago so we've rushed to the garden to pick up tomatoes and onions.
This week wasn't so warm so tomatoes are looking better. They don't have rotten parts, they aren't as red as they should be but they will be in few days.

 I've gathered a few of them to show the varieties of tomatoes we have
There are yellow cherry tomatoes, campbell, oxheart, marglobe, napoli, black krim, costoluto, rio grande,san pierre and red cherry tomatoes

And Nero's nose is here too :)

All these tomatoes go to a basket with the others to get more color and then we will make something out of them

Only the cherry ones are staying in the refrigerator for salads..again with Nero watching every move I make

Also we got onions and garlic out of the garden

My dad made braids out of them and now they are hanging in the garage :)

Cause of the rain I can't get in the garden so I took some time to collect seeds from Chinese cabbage

What I did was a lot of mess

But in the end I got some seeds

 They will wait for the next year

When I was done I decided to make some order in our seed bags. I threw  away empty bags, separated flower bags and placed vegetable bags under the moths we use them.

In the end our seed box looked pretty nice

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