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Friday, July 6, 2012

Homemade wild berry syrup

Today I didn't take my camera to the garden because I thought I would only pick blackberries and return home. But beans decided to have a growing party and forgot to invite me so I had to arrest the grown ones.
0,5 kilos (17 , 6 oz) of them :)
Also I brought home 0,8 kilos (28,16 oz) of cucumbers
1 kilo (35, 2 oz) of blackberries and the standard stuff (2 onions,carrots, parsley and parsnip)

But that wasn't the thing I wanted to write about. I wanted to share with you our recipe for homemade wild berry syrup. Why it is called wild berry I don't know when all of the fruits grow in the garden...anyways here is the recipe :)

3 kilos (105. 6 oz) of berry fruits ( I've used blackberries, raspberries and red currants but you can use whatever berries you want)
2 liters of water
6 dkg ( 2. 11 oz) of citric acid
1/2 or 1 kilo (17.6 or 35.2 oz) of sugar on 1 liter of squeezed juice ( depends how sweet you want you syrup)

Wash the berries and put them in the big bowl with 2 liters of water. Add citric acid to the water and leave for 2 hours. After 2 hours crush the berries a little with your hands and leave them for 24 hours.

The next day take a strainer and put an old napkin inside to strain the berries. You can use a gauze but blackberries have little seeds that are really annoying when you drink the juice so  you'll need something stronger than a gauze.

Fastest and easiest way to get juice out of the berries is to put them in napkin, make a ball out of the napkin and squeeze it. If you can, do this outside cause there are big chances your kitchen will look like a slaughterhouse after you finish :)

Remove the part of the berries you squeeze from the napkin to the other bowl and repeat the procedure until you squeeze all of the berries

When you finish If your family really hates those little seeds you can do what I do to get a seedless juice. Take one strainer, place it in the other and then place a gauze on top and just pour the juice in the bowl. There is no way that the seeds will get through all that

So you will get a red seedless syrup :)

Wash the bottles and place them in the oven to sterilize them (30 minutes on 100°C or 212F)

While they are sterilizing place your syrup on the stove, add sugar to it and cook it.
The amount of sugar depends on your taste. You can take a spoon of syrup and mix it with water to try it and see if you need more sugar or not.
I like sour juices but my family doesn't so I make sweet syrup and add lemon to it before I drink it.

While syrup is cooking you'll notice that it's producing white foam. All berries do that when you cook them. Just gather the foam with a strainer or spoon with holes.

When you see that syrup is not making any more foam (it takes about 5 minutes) you can lower the heat and start filling the the syrup in the hot bottles. Watch your fingers ;)

Fill the bottles and close them. Leave the syrup to cool down.

When it's cold mix it with water and you'll have a refreshing wild berry juice ;)

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