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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

heat problems continue :/

I was looking at my old posts and my complaining about too much rain... well it seems that weather was listening. Since 14th June we haven't had a decent rain. Everything is so dry that it seems like you are digging in concrete. Even watering doesn't help.
By this time we should have a bunch on tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers every day..but because of the heat this is all I brought home today :/

Also tomatoes that are turning red are all damaged. They look ok till you turn them.

But on the bottom they are rotten.

Luckily there is a lot of them that are still green and healthy. If we get some rain there should be tomatoes for the winter.

Peppers are alive only cause we've mulched them but they have only a few fruits.

Other problem are the beans.I really don't get what kind of morons work on seeds packing. We bought 2 kinds of pole beans. Yellow ones and green ones that look like pens.

The yellow ones are blossoming now and green ones that should look like this

 Have a bunch of weird green beans that taste horribly and have strings on them.

Only bugs don't care about the heat. They are happy eating everything they can

In our front yard there are some weird things too. I wasn't surprised that if they can't pack bean seeds like they should they would make mistakes with flowers.
We bought purple salpiglossis flowers.
One of them is purple

Others are..well..yellow :/

Only thing that is the same for more than 10 years is my Lily. Every year it has 3 flowers that fill our yard with beautiful smell

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