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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pea time part 2

Rain...rain and more rain. That is all I've seen in last 4 days. It's raining whole time. Yesterday there were 3 hours without it so I managed to do some stuff in our garden.

Garden looks ok even after all this rain. There will be a lot of work when soil dries. The only thing that looked really bad were American wonder peas. They started to rotten from all the rain so I had to pick them before it was too late.
I was afraid that the rain would start again so I took whole pea plants home to pick pods.

Peas were so clean that I didn't know what to do with them

 So I placed them in a fruit box and showered them with a garden hose :)

In the end they looked like this :/ pods were also rotten from the rain...oooh stupid rain :(

And my hands were an even bigger mess. It took me a lot of washing hands, showering and washing some of my clothes to get rid of all the dirt

Progress peas didn't mind all the rain. Net prevented rotting and pods are big and clean

I've got 1.5 kilos (52.8 oz.) of Progress peas

After cleaning both of the peas I've got 0,7 kilos (24.64 oz.) of Progress and 2, 10 kilos (73.92 oz) of American wonder

This week will be a lot of work in the garden. Well if the rain stops.

Carrots and onions need tending

Tomatoes are big and wild


Peppers..the ones bugs didn't eat


And forest of potatoes

Purple teepee beans have first fruits so I've picked 0.1 kilos (3.52 oz) just to see how they taste

The rest of them we'll leave to have seeds next year

I've also brought home 0.8 kilos (28.16 oz) of red currants and sour cherries

And a shirt of salad :) yes I didn't take enough bags with me...again

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