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Monday, June 18, 2012

Just a normal monday :)

Last week I had to mow the orchard. I tried to mow with a clearing saw. It's so big I look like a big scale when I have it in my hands so I gave up. Normal Land mower isn't working because of old tree trunks that are on the ground, so I used a scythe. Well as you can see I didn't kill myself with it...if you don't count the "I can't lift my arms" part and I managed to cut some of the grass.

It's not as good as it would be with a land mower but I really don't care...as long as I can walk around my orchard and not get hit in the nose with grass it's ok :)

While I was taking photos I walked by our old compost box, we stopped using it few years ago and I was surprised when I saw this

Potatoes are growing like crazy from it. I thought about removing them but I'm too curious what will happen after they blossom so I left them.

Didn't want to waste my time counting bugs around me so I went to work in the garden. After all weeds were removed I took some time to take photos.

And then buuuum it hit me...again guys that sell seeds mixed up something.
Our plan was to plant pole beans on one side of the net and bush beans on the other...like this:

But on the last net there are pole string beans on both sides. Now we can just hope that the net will not break from so many beans.

After my anger attack stopped I went to pick up some parsnip


And parsley for tomorrows lunch

Also I picked up 0.9 kilos (31.68 oz) of Rondo peas

Raspberries turned pink so I had to pick them

I didn't pick much...enough for one juicy dinner :)

While I was working around the garden I remembered that my boyfriend told me yesterday "Why do you complain so much about the soil in your garden, it looks good"
Then I thought if he thinks that than others will think that too...so let me explain...Soil just looks good.

4 days ago we had whole week of rain. Part of the garden that is in shadow most of the day is still moist. You can't do anything on it because soil stays on hoe...It looks like this

I could make pots out of it...or little balls :)

On the other part of the garden where is sunny most of the day soil looks like this. It's like concrete. Again you can't do anything.
Only way to have vegetables on soil like this is deep digging in fall...Then leave it till spring and then dig it after every rain.

 And for this you'll need special boots :) I have sea slippers for walking. They are light so my feet don't hurt (they only get dirty) :)

 And on the bottom they have rubber so I don't fall as much as I did in other shoes

In front yard everything is growing fast

Crazy green leaf plants...I have no idea how they are called...here we call them "Kane"

Oleander with pink flowers

Little tomatoes :)

And flower seedlings for next year

 One of the sedums and fuchsias had to go to the balcony because it's too hot for them

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