2017 Harvest

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's pea time!

First peas are ready for picking. They aren't as good as last year but still we'll get some sweet peas out of it.

I've picked 1,5 kilos (52.8 oz.) of Progress peas and 2,5 kilos (88 oz.) of American wonder.

When it was cleaned it was ready for storing

 I just cook in 5 minutes in boiling water

Leave it to cool off and then store it in plastic bags.

I stored 0.7 kilos (24.6 oz.) of Progress peas

and 1 kilo (35.2 oz.) of American wonder

I've also picked another 0.7 kilos of red currants

While I was picking and cooking my mom decided to make a new little garden with green mint. Few hours after she was done we came to the front yard and had a little surprise.

Garden looked a little weird so we went to check it.

There was a big pile of soil in the center and a green mint on the top

I wanted to see what is inside so I've dig a bit. There was a bone inside.

While I was laughing Nero came to see what we are doing :)

It was clear as day that he wanted to plant a bone tree again...just look at his nose :)

So now he has another net to keep him out of the mint

You can imagine he was really mad about it..so mad that he forgot how to sleep like a normal dog :)

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