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Saturday, June 23, 2012

First potatoes :)

First potatoes are ready for picking, so we thought about making our own baked potatoes for tomorrows lunch.

After removing potato plant first potatoes were out

I had to dig a hole till China to get all of them out.

From one hole I've got 13 potatoes

After picking 4 potato bushes I've got 2, 7 kilos (95.04 oz)

 Enough for delicious lunch :)

There was more work in the garden today. I've decided to remove one of the nets for peas. Progress peas are all picked so there was no need for the net.
After I removed it (Note to myself: never again remove poles while there is 30 °C) I had to tie Rondo peas on the other net so it doesn't break under the weight.

I tied a rope from one pole to the other. I hope it will hold the peas from falling.

A week ago on the soil where there were American wonder peas we placed bush beans. Today I saw that they are out and growing nicely.

Cucumbers are growing and blossoming

Last week we had temperatures over 35°C (95°F). There are big cracks all over the garden so we have to be very careful while we are walking around.

But holes and cracks are the smallest problem. We have big problems with tomatoes.
From the far away they look really good

Until you look at fruits on Oxheart tomatoes.
They are all black and rotten on the half of the fruit.
After googling for several hours we found out that because of the heat and to dry weather fruits are suffering from calcium deficiency.
We removed sick fruits and we can hope that there will be no more damage.

Other tomatoes are looking ok. Luckily we've planted many sorts of tomatoes. Some of them will survive crazy weather.

Watermelons are suffering from this heat too, we've mulched them so they don't lose so much water.

Only thing that is growing without any troubles is grass. It's growing like crazy. The only good thing about it is that I have enough grass to feed our bunnies. So again I took my "favorite tool" and went to cut grass for them.

And got home bunch of grass

While I was cutting it I saw that our blackberries will be ready for picking on monday.

Even butterflies like them (the little black dot) :)

I'll finish today with photos of our roses.

The yellow one

And pink one...that had to be purple. We have a big purple rose bush so we tried to replant it. And got a pink rose :)

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