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Monday, June 4, 2012

Evil cherry part 2

Did you ever have a day when you just go to the garden to pick something up and stay 3 hours inside doing stuff you didn't plan?
I had a day like that yesterday.
I went to pick some lettuce because weather guys said that there will be a lot of rain this week, like the rain is something new. Every single evening there is a storm or a rain shower. I managed to take some pictures.

It started like a normal rain but in minutes it was a flood

You can see how it water was running down the paths

I even had a pond in front of my house

It took a whole day for soil to dry so I could get in my garden.
While I was picking the lettuce I saw that our other cherry is all red. Luckily I always have some bags with me so I went to collect them.

They were big and very sweet. I ate half of them while picking.

But of course some of them were so high I couldn't reach them. I even climbed the tree. I wasn't on one more than 10 years, but still I couldn't reach them. So branches filled with cherries like this one stayed for birds to eat them.

When I was finished I took some time to look at all the trees.
I've noticed that peaches we planted last year from peach pips are out.

I thought there will be no fruits because we had very cold days while fruit trees were blossoming, but everything is looking nice.




When I was ready to go home I saw that our blackberries have gone crazy.
There are a lot of new branches that had to be tied up so they don't break.

New branches will give fruits next year so it is important not to break them. Even though they look strong they are very fragile.

The easiest way to tie them is to leave them where they are growing and just pull them to the wire with a rope.

If you can't pull them just tie one end to the branch and other to the wire.

The branches I tied a month ago grew a lot so they needed to be tied again.

Those branches are stronger so you can tie them stronger without breaking them.

Repeat it with every branch

In the end when you look from the side you shouldn't see any of big branches out. Just the ones with little green blackberries on them.

In 2 weeks first fruits will be ready :)

I was happy I finished but nooo...I saw that red currants are...well red.
So I've spent another hour picking them.

In the end I had no more bags so I was carrying 4 bags filled with fruits and lettuce on my my forearms , fists full of ropes, scissors and knives and my camera was hanging from my teeth.

After unpacking everything I've learned that I've brought home 1,5kilos( 52,8 oz. or 3,3lbs) of cherries, 0,5kilos (17,6oz.) of red currants

And 0,6kg ( 21,21 oz) of lettuce

While I was trying to catch a breath I saw that our Christmas cacti is blossoming...in June :)

Cream carnations are alive again

Rabbit ears have little purple flowers


Wisteria I though dead started to grow

I wanted to take a picture of red roses but they are high so I had to climb my fence to do it.

In the end I can only say...there was too much climbing yesterday :)

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