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Friday, June 29, 2012

Busy day

Today I've planned a lot of things so I made myself to-do list :)

Went in the garden and after fighting with weeds for 3 hours ( It was so hot today so I forgot to take photos) I've cleaned everything up. So it was the time to pick up fruits from the last couple of days.

I've started with potatoes.

Again I've removed only 5 potato bushes. We leave it in the soil and take only the amount we need. We don't have a place to store all of them.

First pickling cucumbers are ready for storing. I'll leave the recipe tomorrow.

Picked some string beans

Some weird blackberries :)

When I finished with everything this is what I've brought home

0.5 kilos (17. 6 oz) of blackberries
0.1 kilos (3. 52 oz) string beans
0.1 kilos of New zealand spinach

2 , 40 kilos (84. 48 oz) of potatoes

And 2 , 10 kilos (73. 92 oz) cucumbers

When I finished I decided I needed to tend our back yard. Everything went crazy

Also I had to cut all the columbines..they looked..well..ugly

When I started to cut Nero was watching me

But he was not alone

Little frog decided to see where was all that noise coming from :)

Soon Nero decided that I was really boring so he took a nap in the gutter

It took a lot of hard work but in the end I was pleased with the result.

I can see my garden from the balcony again

While I was resting I saw our balcony tomatoes and decided to take photos. On every tomato there are more than 30 little tomatoes

There was another thing that surprised me today our cyclamen is blossoming again. It was blossoming in February so we left it in the shade so it would blossom next year. But no..little lady decided it would be nice to blossom now.

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