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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

pepper seedlings

It's time to plant our pepper seedlings...they still look like they were in the war but I couldn't wait no more to plant them.

So I've prepared the soil to plant them

Placed manure inside all the rows

Then I took my poor little pepper seedlings. They were in my paper cups. The easiest way to get them out the cups is to water them really good one hour before planting and then just tear it down. I tear cups because we have really hot summers with little rain, but if you live in parts where there is enough rain you can place seedlings inside the rows with cups still on them. With time cups will disintegrate and your seedlings will be protected from bugs till they get stronger.

After getting them out I just place my seedlings in a row.

and cover them with soil

I've planted around 400 seedlings. We'll see how many of them will stay.

Other vegetables in our garden are growing nicely.
Beans are all out

 Potatoes and tomatoes too

 And whole garden is greener every day :)

 In my front yard my red rose has her first blossoms

Pretty pink flowers

For the last photo of today I'll leave you a photo of my granddads roses...every year are bigger and have more flowers.

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