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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Evil cherry

I saw today that our cherry tree is all red...so I gathered my tools and happily rolled down my garden to collect little cherries.
Cherry tree looked so sweet while I was walking towards it

But then when I was getting closer my horror was growing bigger and bigger. All the cherries were on 4 meters(13ft) and higher.
And there were a lots of them

I've zoomed them as much as I could :)

Big evil cherry is holding sweet cherries in the air and I can't reach them. I felt like a little kid being bullied by a big kid.
So I got really mad, and decided to chop off some branches just to taste those little red devils :)

With all the chopping and collecting I managed to gather only 1 kilo of cherries...and the rest of them...let's just say birds are having a party in our orchard :)

After cherry fight I was to tired to do anything hard so I just placed grass mulch around our tomatoes

Got some onions

And then I almost had a heart attack when this little creature "attacked" my leg. Little green lizard was angry because I've interrupted his nap time :)

After all the emotion all I wanted was to cut some lettuce and make myself some salad

Anyone hungry?? :)

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