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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Elderberry flower syrup

Today I've made elderberry flower syrup. I'll leave recipe I use here...maybe some of you will want to try it.

- 30 elderberry flowerheads
- 3 liters of water
- 3 kilos of sugar (6.6 pounds)
- 8 dkg of citric acid

Pick 30 elderberry flowers. The best time is after rain so they are clean.
Sunk flowers in 3 liters of water, add 8 dkg of citric acid and leave it overnight. You can also add 1 or 2 lemons

After 24 hours strain the syrup

You will get bright yellow syrup after straining

If you don't like little flowers floating in your drink you can strain it again using a gauze

In clean syrup add 3 kg of sugar

Put syrup on the stove and heat it up till it boils. After reduce the temperature so it stays warm but it doesn't boil

While the syrup is boiling wash bottles and put them in the oven on 120°C to sterilize them.
When the syrup boils pour it in the bottles. Watch your fingers...it's really hot. Close the bottles and you've got your own elderberry syrup.

On the pictures there is more than 30 flowers. I've had 60 flowers and in the end I've got 10 bottles of syrup.


  1. What do you use it for? We don't have elderberries around here, but I wish we did. The flowers are so pretty!

    1. We mix it with water and drink it. It tastes like old Fanta Shokata only without bubbles and people say that it's very healthy :)


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