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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

bunnies bunnies everywhere

We have new bunnies. Small furry cute bunnies. Well actually they just got their fur on, but they were cute even without it.

And with bunnies there came the same old battle.
Every day the brave little furballs come out of their nest boxes and every single day I put them back in...and then again...and again.
They can be stubborn like little kids.
If they weren't so young I would think they are playing with me.
They are smaller than my fist right now (and I have really small fists)

You can see that I have gloves on my hands. It's because their mother won't come close to them if she smells human smell on them. So before I can collect them I have to pet her with gloves. That way gloves have her smell and we don't have to worry about her rejecting them.  
Somebody would now ask "why do I even bother to return them to the nest box". For the one simple reason, they are too little. They can't even see well, but still they come out. They would freeze outside( we have them in heated room but it's still to cold for them).

2 minutes after I returned them to the nest box they were ready to jump out again :)

Besides the "bunny problem" there isn't much to do right now in the garden.
Everything is done and now I can only watch it grow. Oh and pick lettuce. Did I say I love salads?
Well I got a bowl of lettuce from the garden ( again)

While I was picking it I went for a walk trough the garden. Saw that the peas are starting to blossom way too early. 

The dumb weather that we had is showing it's face now. When peas needed to grow it was really cold, than we had some hot weather and they started nicely, but last week we had summer temperatures so it stopped growing and started blossoming. I'm afraid we'll have poor pea harvest this year.

Beans are starting to form first leaves

We also have some beans that we are testing. We have Purple teepee beans seedlings and we trying them to see how much we can get out of them.

Our 2 Pattison squashes are looking good(for now)

Potatoes are growing nice too

Peppers are other story. We gave them everything we could and they look like they were in the war. I'm even afraid to plant them in the ground because if there will be more cold weather they will freeze.It was just to cold here in the March and April and they didn't grow. The only thing that calms me a little is the fact that we are not the only ones who's peppers look like that. I've looked through all Croatian forums (I though they were sick o something like that) and everybody that grows peppers have the same problem.

The only peppers that seem to grow ok are sweet chilli peppers.
I guess we'll have a whole bunch of them in the fall.

I almost forgot to mention. We have such a nice neighbors. They know we have bunnies so each year when they mow their lawns they gather grass for us and dry in. Today I've brought home 2 big bunches of hay.

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