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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back again :)

Last 2 weeks were a little crazy in my house so my blog went on vacations...but now I'm back...with photos from everything I've done in my garden

This is how garden looks right now

As you can see 3 new nets are here. Those are bean nets. First we had trouble buying them because this year there isn't a single shop that has them and than when we placed them we found another surprise: net has big holes instead of squares.

This year I've sown Berggold, Lingua di fuoco, Miracle of Venice and Blue lake FM1 beans

Peas have grown a lot

Onions and Lettuce are also growing nicely

Carrots are showing their first little leaves...well the part that bugs didn't have for lunch is growing, and they had a big lunch :(

We really have big problems with bugs this year. They are chewing on everything. Radish leaves look like they were in the war :/

Cucumbers are already out

And tomatoes are looking really good. We already had to tie them for the first time

This week I'll have to tend the potatoes. They are growing really fast. I've planted 10 kilos of Lisetta potatoes and as soon as the soil dries a little(it was raining a lot last week)  they will be ready for first tending.

I couldn't resist to take a photo of blackberries blossom. They look so beautiful. There are a lot of flowers so this year we'll have a lot of juice and wine from them(again)

A few days ago one guy told me "What kind of a garden is that if you don't have flowers." I have them. There is a lot of flowers in my garden, sure they are all blue and purple(I love those colors), but there are a lot of flowers.
Half of our backyard is covered with Columbine flowers.

My mom got 2 plants a few years ago and they are growing since then. Every year there are more and more little flowers.

 There are blue columbines...

Pink columbines...

And my favorites: purple ones

Next to Columbines there are Bearded irises, well there were. This year only grew one. And the rest probably went to China.

There are also periwinkles our back yard jungle

And a little more of purple flowers :)

Front yard is still sleepy but it's waking up slowly too.

Dark red rose is full of leaves

We have a lot of Sedums ( my mom's favorites)


Lilly is getting ready to blossom

Gladiolus flowers

Oleander plant is bigger every year. Every year I say I'll cut it because I can't carry it inside(Too cold winters) and every year I feel really bad when it's time to cut it :)

And some other flowers :)

 White thing is to stop Nero from trying to grow a "bone tree"

 Carnations and sedums again

 Old iron with sedums :)

Rabbit ears plant


And house plants sunbathing

Our balcony is also filled with plants. Mostly cacti and little plants that are still too small to be in the sun all day.

 And one little yellow tomato :)

Even if we didn't have flowers still there would be enough flowers around the house...It's the time when black locust (Pseudoacacia) is blossoming.

 It look like there is snow all over the trees...It's beautiful and makes you sneeze a lot :)

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