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Friday, April 13, 2012

Tomatoes and peppers

My mom always says that a garden without tomatoes and peppers isn't a vegetable garden so we plant A LOT of them :D
our seeds start their life in something I call a coffin :) It's a little greenhouse my dad made
First we only had a wooden/plastic greenhouse but it was too small so I made other one(right one) from an old shelf and plastic foil.
In the plastic thing go tomatoes when they are bigger and wooden one keeps peppers from cold.

This year we plan to have 200 seedlings of peppers(soroksari,elephant's ear, rotundum and pepperoni mild and hot)
In March they looked like this
They are placed in old food container until seedlings have 2 strong leaves.
Then we pick the strongest ones and place them in separate containers.
It's complicated I know and it would be faster to separate them from the beginning but we don't have enough room to do it earlier :/

For pepper containers we use old toilet paper rolls.They are pretty easy to make you just press roll to flatten it,cut a little on the angles

then flatten it to the other side and cut again

and then fold it like a normal paper box

When we run out of rolls I make the same ones out of paper.
To make them take any old newspapers and fold them in half.Then take something round(glass or something like that) I use old hair dye plastic bottle(just cut the top to make it look like a glass)

Place bottle on newspaper
Then roll paper around bottle and push the part on paper that is free inside of the bottle

Use stick or scissors or anything with a top and push the bottle out and then reverse papercup

push plastic bottle inside of the cup to flatten the bottom of the papercup and when it's done just tape the part of paper on the side.And woala you have a pretty little cup for your pepper seedlings :)

This is how our pepper looks now :)

We also planted 100 seeds of different tomatoes(campbell, oxheart, marglobe, rio grande,sultan F1, napoli, san marzano, black krim, costoluto and saint pierre)
For tomatoes we use recycled milk tetra pack.Just cut the top off, or if it is shaped like a box cut it in half, wash it and you can plant your tomato seedlings.


  1. The idea of squares toilet rolls is brilliant! I also use toilet rolls but I use them in round version with no bottom and the latter was always a problem.
    Thanks for sharing such good ideas! :)

    1. I used to use rolls with no bottom but after I lost few peppers while moving them to sunbathe I decided to make a bottom. Lately I gave up on paper rolls and use big containers.


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