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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rain...rain...and more rain

Crazy weather strikes again. Since Easter there wasn't a single day without rain. And temperatures are really low. Every morning they are below 5°C (41F)
Our peppers weren't growing, so now they got a new house, our living room.
All of the windows are filled with peppers :)

Soroksari is still really small, they didn't grow since we moved them to separate cups.

On the other window he have Elephant's ear peppers and watermelons

They started to grow(finally)

And because it's so cold our "coffin" got new occupants...basically everything is now inside :) Tomatoes, bush bean seedlings, zucchini, salad cucumbers

Note to all: this big green plants are tomatoes and not "weed that makes you smile" ;)

Today "coffin" was closed all day and with an extra plastic cover, but still temperature inside was around 15°C (59F)

Only vegetable happily growing at this weather is mixed salad... I already cut some of it for delicious dinner :)

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