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Friday, April 27, 2012

Planting tomatoes and cucumbers

Today I had a busy morning. Sun was shining yesterday all day so the soil is finally dry enough for planting.
Like every nosy gardener first I went to check how my peas are doing.
They grew a lot in last few days :)

It was kind of psychical preparing for all the work that I had to do today.
First there was a lot of digging followed by my mom's laughing. She told me I look like a little kid playing around in dirt. I have no idea why she thought that, all I did was sit on the ground and dig holes with a little shovel. :)
Than came "the yucky part" placing rabbit manure in holes followed with a "disgusting face" ( I can be such a typical girl sometimes).
After all of that playing around beds were finally ready for planting.

Cucumbers are easier to do so I did them first (always start with easier things)
This is how the bed looked before sowing seeds, and yes those big holes are from me sitting while digging :)

Of course I forgot to take picture while I was sowing but it was sooo hot today (24°C or 75F) and I just wanted to finish it.
This year we'll have pickling cucumbers Levina F1 and Verde Ortolani Sensation salad cucumbers. I've spent 20 minutes searching for original name because here in Croatia "smart guys" who make seed bags only write Croatian names on them.

After sowing cucumbers came the time for tomatoes seedlings. Again there was a lot of digging and placing manure inside the holes. Then I gathered all seedling containers and rolled down the garden with them (only slipped once).
I can't say how deep were the holes because I did every hole differently.
But they looked like this

Then came the time to plant tomato seedling. I've removed them from containers, placed them with the soil from container inside the hole and covered it with soil from the garden. Each tomato has his little white tag so we would know what variety is in which hole.

3 days ago my mom sprayed all seedlings with copper sulfate. Yes I know  some of you will now say: "that's poison", but it's the only way to have some tomatoes without the diseases killing them. And at least we are sure that it's only sprayed with this, in the market you can only have faith that they didn't spray them every single day( like some of them do).

I've planted 50 containers today (100 seedlings).

As you may notice when I plant them I don't leave much space between poles. On every seed bag you will read that each seedling should be at least 70cm from other seedling. Over the years we have learned that it's not necessary to leave so much space between them if every seedlings has enough manure. Another thing that is good if you plant them closer is that seedling will grow forming a little jungle and hold each-other. That can be very helpful if you have a garden on windy side like we do, when wind comes tomato branches will not break.

When I was done with planting tired and happy that it's finally over I've decided to rest on my balcony and take pictures of my work.

Then I heard my neighbors on the other hill fighting so I watched them amused by what I saw. Old couple was sowing corn and because they have a very little tractor every time he lowered planter the front side of the tractor raised up. After they shouted for 10 minutes they finally decided what to do. While he was going up the hill he's wife was sitting on front part of the tractor and when he was going down the hill she was running after him.
I know it's not good to laugh when somebody is working but they were so funny :)

I could not take a better photo. With zoom it looks like that. The blue thingy is that little tractor and white dot besides him is women running down.

I've took another last photo of my garden and went to the kitchen to try to win a fight with dirty dishes :)

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